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Hand Sanitizer 500ml

                        {:ca}Hand sanitizer is a popular hygiene product that contains 70% ethyl alcohol. Hand sanitizer is effective in killing harmful bacteria and germs. Hand sanitizer was originally developed for healthcare professionals and environments, but now is used in many environments due to the onset of COVID-19. Hand sanitizer comes in a gel format that can be rubbed between your hands whenever soap and water are unavailable. {:}{:ko}네추럴 이믹스의 손세정제는 에틸알코올 70% 함유로 인기 있는 위생용품으로 해로운 박테리아와 세균을 죽이는 데 효과적이다. 손세정제는 헬스케어 전문가와 환경을 위해 개발되었지만, 현재는 COVID-19로 인해 많은 환경에서 사용되고 있다. 손 세정제는 비누와 물로 손을 씻을 수 없을 때 사용할 수 있는 젤 형태로 나온다.{:}                    
                        • Effective in killing harmful bacteria
• Effective in killing harmful germs
• Used as an antiseptic skin cleanser
• Used as a medicated skin cleanser
• Used as an antibacterial skin cleanser                    
                        • Contains 70% ethyl alcohol for killing harmful bacteria and germs
• Includes a nourishing blend of aloe leaf powder and aloe extract that act as skin conditioners                    
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