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About Us


True wealth is good health

Humans are always searching for the things that bring them happiness. From the humble laborer to the mightiest ruler, everyone who has ever lived has found something they treasure above all else—something they consider to be true wealth. And while each person’s definition of true wealth is different, one thing remains the same: it doesn’t mean anything without good health.

That’s why we believe that true wealth is good health. Kyu Hak Yon is the CEO and owner of Natural Immix and it is his goal in life to share true wealth with everyone. Kyu Hak has been an important member of the natural health supplement industry for over 20 years and his goal is for Natural Immix to bring true wealth into each person´s life through good health. And it is our goal to share true wealth with everyone.


We only use the best ingredients

We hold a deep connection to nature, and we honor that connection by using only the best all-natural ingredients we can find. Our experts are constantly on the hunt for new ingredients and better, more sustainable ways to source existing ones, and we’re never offering our customers anything we wouldn’t use ourselves.


We operate sustainably

A healthy planet is necessary for healthy people, and we do our part by embracing sustainability as one of our core values. From finding responsibly grown ingredients and renewable resources to using minimal packaging and efficient shipping methods, we honor the Earth with every choice we make.







We are proudly Canadian

The Southern Coast of British Columbia is a lush, deciduous rainforest that’s home to thousands of species of plants and animals—and we’re proud to call it our home too. Our love of nature grew from exploring our beautiful surroundings here; our business may be growing worldwide, but we’ll never leave our Canadian roots behind.


We’re here for our customers

Our customers mean everything to us. We show this by always providing the best customer service possible, and we go out of our way to make sure our customers’ experience with Natural immix is never anything less than perfect.