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Since 2006, For Your Health

Our History


– United States FDA Registered Facility
– Acquired high-speed encapsulating machine and tableting machine

– Agreement with DuPont de Nemours, Inc. (refers to a contract that involves the use of probiotic ingredients from DuPont de Nemours, Inc.)
– Agreement with BioCell Collagen®
– Naver smart store launch

– Partnered with XAYK Medical Technology Ltd. in Beijing, China
– Participated at the KINTEX International Food Exhibition in South Korea

– Conducted R&D for facility investment and new products
– Expansion of retail sales, including entry into large discount stores in South Korea
– Participated at Healthplex, Shanghai
– KINTEX International Food Exhibition in South Korea
– Partner with MQ Group in Seoul, South Korea

– Positioned company and products on the e-commerce
– online shopping site Taobao.com for the Chinese market

– Updated and revised website
– Purchased and moved into a new facility 2x the size to manage increasing capacity, growth, and expansion

– Expanded distribution channels in Korea, including prominent department stores
– Added Blister Packaging capabilities
– Export into China initiated

– Integrated and implemented an automated packaging and labelling system
– Launched branch office in Korea to handle increasing export volumes and demand

– Relocated to a larger facility to manage growth
– Upgraded website

– Establishment And Incorporation Of The Company