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Fresh Royal Jelly

                        Immnune System & Energy
Royal Jelly is used in Herbal Medicine as a nutrive tonic and it provides antioxidants  for the maintenance of good health.

                        Benefits of royal jelly
Strengthening immune function
Promotes brain development
Energy recovery
Increasing energy and vitality
Antioxidant action
Skin health
Promotes growth and germination
Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial effect

Scientific Proof

Royal jelly has anti-inflammatory properties and promotes skin wound healing.
- Dr. Akira Fujii, 1990 (Excerpt from Japanese Journal of Pharmacology paper)

Royal jelly has a powerful immune effect.
- Dr. Iwao Okamoto, 2003 (excerpt from Life Science thesis)

Royalactin is a key ingredient that turns larvae into queen bees.
- Dr. Masaki Kamakura, Toyama Biotechnology Research Center, Japan, 2011 (Excerpt from Nature paper)

10-HDA, a key ingredient in royal jelly, supports the longevity mechanism.
- Dr. Yoko Honda, 2015 (Excerpt from Journal of Aging Research paper)

Royalactin activates cells with self-renewal ability to produce new cells. It produces more and promotes the recovery function of damaged cells.
- 2018 Stanford University research team (excerpt from Nature paper)

                        100% Royal Jelly,  No Preservatives.

Amazing nutritional properties of royal jelly
Royal jelly concentrate is collected in its natural state and is different from regular honey.

Contains an incomparably large number of essential amino acids, fatty acids and has more than 40 types of acetylcholine, vitamins, minerals, etc.
Contains bioactive substances such as 10-HDA (10-hydroxydecenoic acid) and royalactin.
Royalactin is used to determine the purity and quality of royal jell                    
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