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Dual Supercritical Lutein Astaxanthin


Marigold Flower Extract, Haematococcus Extract, Vitamin A

Ingredients and Content
Lutein Complex (Marigold Extract, Evening Primrose Seed Oil), Haematococcus Extract (Astaxanthin), Retinyl Palmitate, Soybean Oil, Bilberry Extract, D-α-Tocopherol                    
                        Marigold Flower Extract
May help maintain macular pigment density that can decrease due to aging, contributing to overall eye health.

Haematococcus Extract
May assist in reducing eye fatigue.

Vitamin A
Necessary for visual adaptation in low-light conditions, essential for the formation and maintenance of skin and mucous membranes, and required for the growth and development of epithelial cells."
                        Take one capsule with water once a day                    
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